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Healing Sound Meditation offers Guided Meditation, Thai Yoga Massage, Personalized Yoga, Energy Healing, and Sound Meditation. Packages are available that may combine bodywork, yoga/meditation instruction, and energy healing.
Thai Yoga Massage


Sound Meditation Guided Meditation Energy Healing Yoga
Expanding Your Daily Practice
Golden Body
Light Body
Expanding Your Daily Practice This series of guided meditations work with the activities of your day as a focus of meditation. There are home study materials available, as well as the option to craft a practice for your needs.
Building The Golden Body You can awaken and build your Golden Body for use in healing, business, family, anywhere in your life where more beauty and harmony would be welcome.
Awakening Your Light Body The Awakening Your Light Body courses offer a unique path of spiritual awakening through experiential, progressive expansions of consciousness that assist you in directly knowing the truth of your being.
Guided Meditation


Thai Yoga Massage
Session Packages
Bodywork & Energywork
Thai Yoga Massage Thai yoga Massage-- known in Thailand as Nuad Bo Rarn, or 'Ancient Bodywork'-- originated in India and found its home in Thailand, where there was already a rich bodywork tradition. Thai Yoga Massage works with assisted yogic movement, gentle palpation, and acupressure to create more physical and energetic flow.
Session Packages Thai Yoga Massage, as with many bodywork practices, is best when experienced either in regular intervals or in a series of sessions. Single, three, six, and nine-session packages are available.
Bodywork & Energy Healing Thai Yoga Massage is itself a form of energy healing, with a well-documented system of Sen energy lines. For this reason it partners well with other forms of energy healing, like Crystal Bodywork, Cellular Expansion, and Flow, Alignment & Connection.
Thai Yoga Massage
Sound Meditation
Sound Healing
Sound Meditation The sounds of quartz crystal singing bowls make meditation easy! The body is bathed in harmonizing tones, while the mind is occupied with the ever-expanding tones.
Events/Classes Private sound meditation sessions for events or classes are available. The quartz crystal singing bowls provide a deeply calming soundscape for yoga classes, group meditations, and special events.
Sound Healing One-to-one sessions, and private sessions as a part of a package are available. During these sessions, you can hold a focus that you would like to shift, or we can work together to find the language for what is ready to transform in your body, mind, and life.
Sound Meditation
Asana (Posture)
Pranayama (Breath)
Asana (Posture) Yoga asanas support your physical ease so that energy can more easily flow in your body. We can design a daily practice that builds toward your goals. This movement sequence can be combined with pranayama and chanting.
Pranayama Pranayama is an important aspect of a well-rounded yoga practice. We can design a stand-alone pranayama practice for you, or a practice in concert with your asana practice.
Chanting Chanting of the Yoga Sutras and Vedic chanting are both powerful ways to deepen your yoga practice. Chanting has healing benefits due to the lengthening of the exhalation and vibration of the mantra. This can be a main focus of your practice or in combination with asana and pranayama.
Energy Healing
Crystal Bodywork
Flow, Alignment & Connection
Cellular Expansion
Crystal Bodywork This form of gentle bodywork uses the sounds of quartz crystal singing bowls and the energetic qualities of crystals to stimulate your body's self-healing mechanisms.
Flow, Alignment & Connection This form of energy healing uses this combination of qualities to increase 'flow' in any area your choice; physical, emotional, mental, spiritual.
Cellular Expansion & Healing This form of energy healing works at the level of the consciousness of the cells. It encourages communication between the cells to release obstacles to optimal function.