Healing Sound Meditation


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Healing Sound Meditation offers Sound Massage sessions with quartz crystal singing bowls, metal singing bowls, and gongs. Sound Massage can be combined with elements of Thai Massage and guided meditation.
Sound Massage sessions use quartz crystal singing bowls, metal singing bowls, and gongs, to create a deeply relaxing sound scape. Therapy-grade metal singing bowls are played directly on the body. While the mind is relaxing into the ever-expanding layers of soothing sound, the body is bathed in harmonizing tones.
Thai Massage-- known in Thailand as Nuad Bo Rarn, or 'Ancient Bodywork'--uses assisted yogic movement, rhythmic pressure massage, and acupressure, to create more physical and energetic flow. Elements of Thai Massage can be interwoven into a Sound Massage session, combining the benefits of each form of bodywork. To learn more about Thai Massage, click here.


In addition to elements of Thai Massage, guided meditation can be included at the end of a session. The previous Sound Massage and bodywork calm the mind and relax the body, a great preparation for expansive experiences in mediation. If meditation is difficult for you, this is an opportunity to experience a taste of meditation to then build toward in your daily practice. If you are an advanced practitioner, you can glimpse upcoming vistas on your journey.
PRICING Pricing is on a sliding scale for the below combinations of offerings. (1 Hour) Sound Massage $60-$100 (1.25 Hours) Sound Massage + Thai Massage $75-$115 (1.5 Hours) Sound Massage + Thai Massage + Guided Meditation $90-$130 3-Session packages are available (paid in advance) 3 x 1hr ($170) - 3 x 1.25hr ($210) - 3 x 1.5hr ($250)